MSN Nursing Education Concentrate
  • Education concentrate students must take the following courses and complete a minimum of 37 semester hours to graduate. Students in this program will be prepared for faculty or clinical education within an academic institution or healthcare setting. Please note students are encouraged to complete the advanced sciences courses offered through our Clinical Nurse Specialist concentration: Advanced Assessment, Pathophysiology, and Pharmacology. This curriculum will make them more suitable for a clinical educator position.

    Graduate Core

    Statistics: NURS 500 Nursing Statistics
    Organizational Behavior: MBA 613 Organizational Behavior
    Ethics: IDS 693 Health Promotion, Policy, Ethics*

    Nursing Core

    NURS 510 Nursing Science & Theory
    NURS 520 Advanced Nursing Research
    NURS 530 Nursing Informatics

    Concentrate Core

    NURS 637 Course Curriculum & Design
    NURS 638 Teaching-Learning Strategies
    NURS 639 Technology in Education

    Clinical & Capstone

    NURS 755 Role Development in Advance Practice Nursing
    NURS 765 Program Development in Changing Healthcare System
    NURS 770 Thesis
    NURS 772-773 Exam


    *Course options with advisor approval