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Nursing Exchange

  • Study Abroad Community Health Programs

    Locations: Vasteros, Sweden at Malardalens University or Stirling, Scotland at Stirling University

    If you’re a nursing student, take advantage of the study abroad programs during your Community Health Nursing course.. For eight weeks in the fall of your senior year, you’ll be studying off-campus in the community.
    Nursing exchange programs in Sweden and Scotland

    Then you can become an exchange student in Sweden at the Malardalen Hogskola University or in Scotland at the University of Stirling and experience an 8 week adventure for nursing students during fall semester senior year.

    The focus is community nursing care with a professional preceptor to provide care in the home or clinic setting.

    Students have an opportunity to interact with other students, nurses and health care professionals to learn about nursing education, holistic nursing practice, and government provided health care.

    To qualify, you’ll need to apply to a faculty committee in January of your junior year. Selections are based on a number of factors including advisor and faculty references of your academic attributes, the ability to adapt to new circumstances and your written statement of purpose for studying off-campus.

    You’ll be notified of your recommendation for the program in March. Final acceptance - pending continued academic achievement - is determined after grades are posted. If you are considering off-campus study, let your Department of Nursing advisor know.

    Short term Exchange Program

    Location: Guangxi, China at Guangxi Medical College School of Nursing (GXMU)

    This program is still in the developmental stages, but our goal is to have students engage in a 3-4 week adventure to Guangxi, China. Student opportunities may include observing in nursing classrooms, observation in health care settings, learning about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and having exposure to clinical simulations at the university. Cultural experiences will be woven throughout the exchange.

    Spring Break Programs

    Location: Central or South America (Past trips include Costa Rica, Panama, and Dominican Republic)

    One week adventures to Central or South America give students an opportunity to provide service to a community while learning about cultural and social practices. These adventures include health care experiences such as helping to operate clinics, provide hygiene care for elderly, provide education about health topics, and observe cultural health care practices. These adventures also provide an opportunity for nursing students with a minor in Spanish to practice the language and engage in cultural experiences.

    Weekend Programs

    Location: Various locations within Appalachia with Remote Area Medical

    Our domestic adventures include travel opportunities for a weekend, giving students an opportunity to provide health care to uninsured or underinsured populations. Students work with a non-profit organization, Remote Area Medical, to help set up and operate a clinic to provide medical, dental, and vision care. Students learn how to work as members of a health care team and perform triage assessments while reflecting upon America’s health care system.