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Program Highlights
  • Nursing Curriculum Plan

    Freshman year, you will enter the Nursing Program, get a faculty adviser within your major and start to learn the basics of the profession right away. Capital is one of the few schools that admits you into the nursing major as a first-year student.

    Sophomore year, you will begin your clinical practice in the labs at the Nursing Program under direct faculty supervision. With one faculty member for every eight students, you'll get plenty of attention and guidance in the laboratory setting. The average laboratory class size is 16, so you'll never get lost in the crowd.

    Summer after your sophomore year, you will put what you've learned into action with eight mandatory weeks of caring for patients in a local hospital. You'll apply all the fundamental skills you have learned, plus add more skills and experiences necessary for your move into the junior year.

    Junior year provides you with opportunities to care for and interact with newborns, children, adults, gerians and, of course, their families. You'll learn the specific issues and techniques involved in parent-newborn, medical-surgical, psychiatric and pediatric arenas. Capital University has contracts with all the major health-care agencies in the Columbus area. In the junior year, you will have the opportunity to work in several health-care organizations including a large regional children's hospital. These experiences will give you the breadth and depth of experience to move into your senior year.

    Senior year brings the opportunity for in-depth study in selected areas of health care. You'll work one-on-one with professional nurses, getting a feel for the day-to-day realities of extended hours and varied shifts, as well as care for populations (not just individuals) through the field of community health. In this year, you will begin an evidenced-based review of a topic that may culminate in a poster presentation to the campus community at the annual Symposium on Undergraduate Scholarship. This project will provide you with cutting-edge skills needed by professional nurses as they look at the evidence upon which their practice is based.