Parent and Family Orientation FAQ

    What are the goals of Summer Orientation and Welcome Weekend?

     Summer Orientation provides new student withinformation they need to successfully obtain classes for the fall semester, interact and connect with faculty, staff and students, and to learn about student life opportunities. Welcome Weekend is a transitional experience for new students full of educational and social opportunities to connect to Capital University before classes begin.

     Should I attend Summer Orientation and Welcome Weekend with my student? 

    Yes! Your student is starting a new journey here at Capital University and you will want to be a part of the festivities.  Summer Orientation has specific sessions designed to aid parents, families, and support systems in the transition.  We also invite parents, families, and support systems, to join us for the first day of Welcome Weekend, August 21, 2014.  On this day, students will move in to residence halls and will be welcomed by the University administration and faculty.  We'll celebrate all new students with a Welcome BBQ. 


    What if I want to meet with a particular individual while I'm on campus?

    Please email with whom you'd like to meet and a brief description of your concerns or needs.  Our team will work to get meetings set up for you.  Please allow a reasonable amout of time so that we can arrange a meeting.


    Does my student need health care insurance?

    Yes. Capital University requires all students to have some form of health care insurance. For more information visit the Student Accounts webpage.


    Can you tell us where to stay when we visit?

    Yes, we offer a list of hotels near Capital University.


    What’s it like being the parent of a first year student?

    Being a parent to a college student is a significant transition for both the student and parent.  Sessions at Summer Orientation address this transition process.  We also urge you to visit us throughout the year for Major Campus events like Family Day and Kids and Sibs Weekend.  College students also appreciate "snail mail" and care packages full of their favorite treats from home.