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  • Is telephone service available in each room?

    Each student gets his or her own private voice mail.

    Do residential students have access to cable TV?

    Yes. Capital provides standard cable access to each residence hall room through an agreement with Time-Warner Communications.,Students get 60 standard cable channels. No premium or pay-per-view are available on this system. Students must provide their own television and cable to connect to the system.

    What computer services are available to students?

    The campus is wireless and we operate six computer labs for student use. The largest, located on the lower level of the Blackmore Library, has nearly 60 workstations. All computers connect to laser printers. There is also a 10-station lab located in the lower level of the Campus Center.
    Each residence hall has a lab with four workstations. Each student gets an e-mail account and takes part in a training session during orientation.
    We encourage residential students to bring personal computers for their use. Individual residence hall rooms are part of the campus voice/data/video network. Each room has a data port for each student.
    Modems will not work with our digital telephone systems.
    We provide commuter students with access to the Internet, e-mail and personalized voice mail.

    Should I buy a computer for my son/daughter?

    Computers are readily accessible on campus. We don’t require that students bring a computer, but many prefer it.
    Most newer computers can hook up to our network. Capital's Information Technology department suggests these computer configurations (PDF).