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    Resident Assistants

    Resident Assistants are advisors and role models who serve as an important link between students and the University. Being an RA provides opportunities for leadership and development, both personal and professional. RA’s have the ability to influence and contribute to students’ experiences by:

    • Establishing personal connections with individual students 
    • Assisting with personal and academic questions and concerns
    • Developing educational programs and services
    • Identifying counseling concerns
    • Interpreting and documenting violations of residence hall and other university policies 


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    Jackeline Castro

    "I was originally interested in becoming a Resident Assistant for financial reasons. However, I have continued on this path because, quite simply, I enjoy it. I enjoy the opportunity to meet new people, both other resident assistants and residents who otherwise I probably would have never met. I also value the fact that I play a role in someone else's life, even if when it is letting them into their room at 4 am. Capital Res Life is the place to be--fun times and an important role in others' lives!"


    -Jackeline Castro
    Former Resident Assistant