Residence Life, 2013
  • Wellness Checks: Helping the Students of Capital
    Jedda Decker
    Mentor: Jennie Smith

    This presentation summarizes the development of a Wellness Check Protocol (WCP) used by staff for residential and commuter students that may be at risk for retention. The goal of the research was to create a protocol for Residence Life to use when checking on the well-being of a student. The staff member conducted an intentional conversation using open ended questions to better understand the nature of the student’s needs. Research was gathered by talking with faculty, staff, and current Resident Assistants, as well as other universities. I found that few programs exist that systematically and proactively address concerns about students and that Capital University could benefit from this system. WCP is important in providing an early intervention with students who may be experiencing difficulties in college. After implementing on 40 subjects, WCP has been shown to be very helpful in guiding Resident Assistants in having these conversations and retrieving the information that was needed to address the concern about the student.