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SG Cabinet

  • Student Government's Cabinet 

    In accordance with the Student Government Constitution, " The cabinet shall be responsible for advancing the student representation mission of the organization and shaping the legislative agenda of the Senate."

    The Cabinet is chaired by the President and its membership includes the Executive Vice President, Legislative Vice President, Parliamentarian, and chairs of Senate standing committees.

    For more information about Senators and Committees including the duties of each committee, visit the Senate page.

    Current Members:  

    • President: Jackie Niese
    • Executive Vice President: Aaron Kraft 
    • Speaker of the Senate: Nick Reade
    • Parliamentarian: Megan Lentz
    • Academic Affairs Committee Chair: D.J. Heard
    • Governance and University Operations Chair: Matt StClair
    • Student Activities Committee Chair: TBD
    • Student Life Committee Chair: Kayla Fairchild
    • Financial Vice President: Libby Baker
    • Communication Vice President: Brandon Briscoe 
    • Legislative Clerk: TBD (Ex Officio)