Student Government Senate
  • The Senate

    The Senate is comprised of four standing committees and may include temporary committees as required and determined by the Cabinet and Executive Board. Senators serve for one year and are elected in the spring.  The Student Organization Allocation Committee, Budget Committee, and Judicial Committee are also included in the Senate Committee listing but are not considered Standing Committees.  Freshman senators are elected in the fall during a special election to fill vacant senate spots.  A senator is permitted to either represent their Academic Class or Departmental School.  


    To actively seek out and represent the opinions of the student body to the University through consideration of recommendations and resolutions.

    To Allocate funds as requested and submitted by Approved Student Organizations and to regulate the operation of Student Government and its components by the consideration of legislation. 



    Academic Affairs Committee

    Purpose:  To consider issues regarding the academic experience of students such as, but not limited to, majors/minors, General Education Requirements, academic advising and academic support services.  

    • Senators TBD

    Governance and University Operations Committee

    Purpose: To consider issues such as, but not limited to, university planning; facilities, technology and infrastructure; admissions and financial aid; vendor relations; and university administrative support areas.  

    • Senators TBD

    Student Activities Committee

    Purpose: To review and approve the constitutions of student organizations, provide support and advocacy for student organizations, and consider issues related to university programming, ministries and multicultural affairs.   

    • Senators TBD

    Student Life Committee

    Purpose: To review issues regarding the out-of-class experiences of students such as, but not limited to, residence life and commuter concerns, campus safety, dining, health and wellness, recreation, and athletics.

    • Senators TBD



    Non-Standing Committees


    Student Organization Allocation Committee

    Purpose: To consider requests for funding from student organizations received by published deadlines and to determine funding allocations within the scope of the committee's authority and recommend allocations for consideration by the Senate.  

    • Senators TBD

    Budget Committee

    Purpose: To develop the annual budget for presentation to Senate and to serve as the review committee for student organization funding appeals.

    • Senators TBD

    Judicial Committee

    Purpose: To investigate reports of impropriety or official misconduct and bring impeachment charges to the Senate along with serving as the review committee for appeals resulting from sanctions assessed for Election Rule violations.

    • TBD