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Student and Faculty Comments

    What Students Have to Say About the Summer Institute in Science and Mathematics

    Beats the hell out of lectures with 400 people in them. (You) learn more thoroughly and can interact with the teacher (not just with your book).

    I liked the concept of the accelerated format, fast pace and it was challenging, but don't attempt to hold a full-time job while attending the institute.

    Stay on your toes, but it is a great way to either catch-up or get ahead with one year worth of classes. Finishing a whole years worth of work over the summer was awesome.

    It is very difficult and becomes your whole life for eight weeks but it was a good experience. I learned more in these eight weeks than any other college courses I have ever taken. It is a challenge but overall it has helped me improve as a student.

    The institute offers an intense study of organic chemistry. It's hard and takes up your summer but it allows you to focus on one subject. This allowed me to improve my overall understanding with chemistry.

    The institute is good because of the small classes and that you can devote all your attention to one subject. The professors and teaching assistants are available to make sure you understand the material.

    Eat, sleep, and drink chemistry. But it pays off. I really liked the student to faculty ratio, the personal attention and help I received. The TA;s and professors were great.

    What the Faculty Say

    Both faculty and students can concentrate on one subject.

    There is time for in class problems - this allows better feedback.

    It presents an opportunity to teach a small class which is focused on just your subject.

    It's enjoyable and a different way to teach (shakes out some of the cobwebs).

    There are small classes and the students are more motivated than the normal school year.

    I have smart, industrious and mature students with personality in these courses.

    Teaching like this forces me to clearly make the point without digressions.

    I can sure see that the intensity (three hrs/day + hours studying) is good for learning.

    You get, in general, really motivated students. They come with the understanding that the program is accelerated. They are more willing to read ahead in the text. They rarely miss a lecture. They ask a lot of questions that really challenge you. It makes you a better instructor.

    This accelerated program is very challenging to teach and I love a good challenge.

    The strength of this program is that the student is focused every day for eight weeks on only one topic. They get a better understanding of the organic chemistry. You spend a lot less class time rehashing last lecture's material in order to get students ready for new material since the lectures are every day and run 3 hrs.

    It's a great opportunity to try new approaches and to build learning activities that can be reused in subsequent semesters.