Smooth Transitions

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  • Sponsored by the Diversity and Inclusion Office, Smooth Transitions encourages all incoming students to participate in this three day pre-orientation program, designed to support the introduction, matriculation and retention of underrepresented student populations in transitioning to the academic, cultural, and social environment at Capital University. Smooth Transitions begins three days before August new Student Orientation and extends throughout the academic year. Daily activities focus on utilizing campus resources, developing supportive networks, understanding academic expectations and encouraging involvement in campus activities and community service. The primary goal of Smooth Transitions is to assist students in building a strong relationship with Capital University. 

    How Do I Sign Up?

    Smooth Transitions begins four days before Welcome Weekend (on Sunday, August 14 through August 17).

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    Who Can Participate and What Will We Do?

    Anyone can participate in Smooth Transitions. If you are an incoming new, transfer or commuter student for the upcoming academic year, then you are invited to attend. Students who come to Smooth Transitions will participate in educational, social and cultural programming that will aid in their transition from high school to college, as well as enhance their first-year experience. Incoming students will learn about strategies and resources designed to assist with their academic success, campus engagement and leadership skills. Over the course of the three days, students will be introduced to faculty, staff, students and alumni committed to assisting with their journey toward academic success during the first year of college and beyond. The cost for food and lodging will be covered by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

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    •  Peer mentors in training

      What is a Peer Mentor?

      Peer Mentors are upper-class students selected and trained to provide support to first-year students. Peer Mentors are available to assist with campus adjustment through one-on-one meetings, electronic communication (e.g., email, texting and Facebook), on-campus programming and planning and facilitating Smooth Transitions activities throughout the year.

    •  Peer Mentors for Smooth Transitions

      Sloane Fair, Reynoldsburg, Ohio
      Early Childhood Education

      Smooth Transitions has given me lifelong friends and connections that I will forever cherish! When I was a mentee I really benefited from having a mentor as it helped me to gain a more personal experience.

      Alexis Badgett, Canal Winchester, Ohio
      Chemistry (Pre-pharmacy)

      Participating in Smooth Transitions was definitely the best decision I made in college so far. The program gave me more than a great introduction to college; it inspired me to do my absolute best!

      Jalen Pompey, Columbus, Ohio
      Social Work

      The reason I why I wanted to become a peer mentor is because I really like the idea of working with students to make their transition to college smooth like mine was.

      Stephanie Brown, Columbus, Ohio
      Intervention Specialist

      I wanted to be able to part of helping others experience what I did and feel confident taking the first steps into college.

      Nala Hampton, Woodbridge, VA
      Electronic Media and Film/Creative writing

      I was inspired to become a peer mentor because of the positive impact that my mentors had on me. They taught me so much and continue to teach me to this day.

      Tara Wess, Dayton Ohio
      Biology Pre-med

      Smooth transitions helped me to gain friends and become comfortable my first year at Capital and I can’t wait to assist this year’s class in doing the same.

      Jordan Council, Romulus, Michigan
      Criminology, sociology & psychology

      This program was an integral part of my transition from high school to college, I want to do the same for these new students and play a role in their success at Capital.

      Jazzlyn Briscoe, Baltimore, Maryland
      Early Childhood Education/Intervention specialist

      What sparked my interest in becoming a peer mentor was the continued support I received even after the program was over. I can’t tell you how much that helped me develop and I want to have the same positive impact for our mentees.

      Alyssa Brocklesby, Mount Gilead, Ohio
      Early Childhood Education

      The first year of college can be an exciting yet intimidating experience and I wanted to be a positive resource, role model, and support system for the incoming first-year students.

      Makayla Taylor, Columbus, Ohio

      Being a participant in the Smooth Transitions program allowed me the opportunity to the meet friends that I have today and I relish the family like atmosphere that is in the Smooth Transitions program.

      Michael Grandison, Reynoldsburg, Ohio
      Leadership and Management

      I wanted the opportunity to help incoming first year students to understand what is ahead of them in their journey at Capital.

      Kailee Aston, North Canton, Ohio

      When I was a freshman I came to Capital not knowing very many people, so I thought that joining this program would be something fun and easy to do. Little did I know I had joined something that would set me up for success my entire college career. Smooth Transitions was crucial to me during my first week of school. Without it I don't think that I would have adjusted as well to Capital as I did, so I wanted to be able to give the same experience I had to other students.

      Rachel Rus, Highland Heights, Ohio
      Nursing with a minor in Coaching

      I had such a great experience with Smooth Transitions, that I wanted a role in leading the freshmen through their first few weeks so that they have the best experience at Capital!

      NyKesha Headen, Manassas, Virginia
      Biology (Pre-Occupational Therapy)

      This program was very beneficial to me as a student who was out of state as it helped me to create new relationships and learn the Capital community better. I love Smooth Transitions!

      Khalid Bates, Detroit, Michigan

      The experiences I had as a Smooth Transitions participant sparked my interest in becoming a mentor this year. I feel that I could make a difference in fostering the transition to college for the incoming first years.

      Brandon Briscoe, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
      Marketing (Economics Minor)

      Smooth Transitions, my mentors, and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion have had such a great impact on my time at Capital and I want to offer the same experience and opportunities to new students.

      Arianna Grandison, Columbus, Ohio
      Biology (Pre-Occupational Therapy)

      I have had an amazing experience serving as a mentor these last two years. The experience has helped me to grow as a leader and I want to pass that along to incoming students as they transition to Capital.

      Korina Depenhart, Denver, Colorado
      Organizational Communication

      I wanted to be a peer mentor because some of my best memories from my first year occurred in Smooth Transitions. I met friends in the program that have helped me throughout the year. I feel like Smooth Transitions set me up to be the successful college student I have become.

      Tobechi Titus, Columbus, Ohio
      Art Education (studio and digital design)

      I wanted to help incoming students adapt to college life and give them the same kind of warm welcome that I got from being a part of smooth transitions.

      Aliyah Badgett, Canal Winchester, Ohio
      Biology (Pre-Physical Therapy)

      I would like to play a key role in the successful transition of new students towards university life