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Social and Political Organizations
  • Alpha Phi Omega

    A national co-ed fraternity founded in 1925, Alpha Phi Omega is dedicated to community service and volunteer work, as well as leadership opportunities. Some of the activities coordinated by Alpha Phi Omega include food and clothing drives, working with seniors, fund drives for disease research, Scouting-related service, and other ongoing projects.

    Capital for Animal Liberation

    Our mission is to open people's eyes to see that they are not only hurting the animals, but their health and the environment as well. Through screenings, protests, demonstrations, leafleting, and tabling this group will bring to see that all life should be respected

    Circle K

    Circle K International strives to serve the community, strengthen leadership through professional and personal development, and create fellowship among all levels of the K family. The members of Capital's Circle K Club "live to serve, and love to serve."

    College Democrats

    The Democratic Party fights for many issues important to us, including student loans, financial aid, and better education for everyone. The Democratic Party also advocates other important issues, such as the environment, health care, consistent economic growth, and various social issues. 

    College Republicans

    College Republicans offers campaign experience, possible paid internships, participation in local and national Republican events, Republican speakers, social events, and an opportunity to voice your political opinions and be heard.

    Environmental Service Organization

    We are a student organization dedicated to helping Capital University, its students and the surrounding community to make environmentally conscious decisions. We all share the same back yard, let's keep it beautiful!


    ONELIFE, Capital University Chapter aims to educate and empower young adults to actively serve others, as well as to provide a means to do so by connecting them with reliable charitable and service organizations. We, ONELIFE, Capital University Chapter, want our members to unite in motivating fellow students to donate their time, their resources, and their voices in the pursuit of making small changes that lead to social revolution.

    Pro-Life Crusaders

    The Capital University Pro-Life Crusaders are a group that promotes the establishment of justice and the right to life for the unborn through education and advocacy. We help women and men in crisis pregnancies find support services for themselves and for their unborn children.

    Student Peace Alliance

    he Student Peace Alliance mission is to educate, advocate, engage and serve both Capital University and the greater Columbus community through assertive non-violent action for the promotion of the marginalized and voiceless in our community. We are also a part of the national Student Peace Alliance, whose mission is, "to engage our communities and policy makers in building sustainable peace."

    Writing Club

    The Writing Club aims to bring writers together and create a unified body of writers on campus and spread creativity.