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Code of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity
  • As a member of Capital University, you have voluntarily entered into a community of learners who are expected to exhibit thoughtful academic study and discourse, and ethical and socially responsible behavior on and off-campus. The University has developed the Code of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity (PDF) and the  Student Handbook and Academic Planner (PDF) to support its academic mission, objectives, processes, functions, and general operations.

    Student Conduct Administration Values

    Integrity- All members of our community are expected to exemplify honesty, respect for truth, and congruence with university standards and behavior expectations in all exchanges and interactions.

    Responsibility- Members of our community are expected to take ownership of individual choices and any subsequent consequences.

    Respect- All community members are expected to honor and esteem the rights and freedoms of each unique individual, and to understand the value and worth of college property and the property of others, and demonstrate care for individuals and property.

    Fairness- Members of the community are expected to follow all published rules and guidelines in good faith as the university is committed to developing consistent, honest and just systems.

    Community- Learning to live as a member of a community is an important part of personal development of our students. Each individual must learn to respect others' needs and expectations, voice their own expectations and concerns about community life, and resolve differences and conflicts peacefully.

    Community Responsibility

    Capital University is committed to student development and personal growth. Conduct occurs in the context of a community of scholars dedicated to seeking excellence in academics, personal learning and leadership. We encourage students to be reflective of the university values and behavioral expectations as they practice self and group advocacy and personal responsibility.

    The Student Handbook and Academic Planner (PDF) outlines all of the expectations for academic and student conduct on our campus and within our community. The policies, procedures and information in this document preserves free and open exchange of ideas and opinions for all members of the Capital University. This free and open exchange is central to the mission of the University.

    What's Expected of Capital Students

    Read the Code of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity (PDF) and the University's Student Handbook and Academic Planner (PDF).


    Questions about policy violations or the student conduct process? Visit the Office of Student Affairs on the first floor of the Campus Center.