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  • Student organizations and events are an integral part of student life at Capital University. Conference Services understands our students are busy, so we want to make planning your event as easy as possible.

    Keep in mind that all student events must first be approved by Student and Community Engagement before Conference Services can make any necessary reservations. Complete the student event planning form to get started. Once your event has been accepted by Student and Community Engagement, we will contact you to discuss the details.

    Please submit this form at least two weeks prior to your event, or five weeks if alcohol will be served. Additionally, fill the form in detail to avoid prolonged approval process. If you have not been given a confirmation of your event within three (3) business days, please contact the Conference Services Department at 614-236-6200.

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    Please Note
    : All contracts must be approved through the SCE and University Legal Counsel. All contracts are signed by the VP of Business and Finance or a designee. No student organization representative may sign a contract.

    Public Safety Officers are required if your event:

    • Has more than 100 people
    • Is open to the campus/public
    • Is in a space that will be used within 24 hours following your event
    • If alcohol is present


    *Please click the Submit button once and wait a minute for the page to refresh*

    Your organization will be responsible for covering the cost of the public safety officers. Conference services will inform you of requirements for your specific event.