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Listen to Student Music

  • Our students are writing and sequencing original music and performing, recording, mixing and producing music of all types. And Capital is helping to get the word out by publishing their music to the Web. Please enjoy these free downloads, but understand that the respective students own the copyright to their music.

    Visit the Conservatory of Music iTunesU page (iTunes required). There you will find tons of audio and video examples from our exceptional student and faculty performers and composers.
    If you don't already have ITunes installed, download it now.

    If you don't have iTunes, here are a few examples to get you started (mp3 format):
    Dreams of Tracy (5:12; 6m) by Larry Cook, performed by MIDI Band
    Last Meal (3:13; 4m) composed and sequenced by James Frederick
    Fall Leaves (2:56; 3m) composed and sequenced by Sean Beeson
    Shifting Reflections (2:57; 3m) composed and sequenced by Michael Schiciano
    Never Return (2:38; 3m) composed and sequenced by Josh Hickman