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Student Organization Resources
  • Student Organization Policy, Information, and Forms

    Conference Funding Request Form (XLSX)

    Minutes and Accountability Form 

    Payment Requisition Form (DOC)

    Receipt Form (XLSX)

    Roster Template Form (XLSX)

    Special Funding Request Form (XLSX)

    Standard Contract Request (XLS) required form to be filled and returned to the Office of Student and Community Engagement 14 days in advance of the event  

    Student and Community Engagement Fair Registration   

    Student Organization Funding Contract (DOCX) the contract all student organizations must sign and agree to after requests have been approved. This is a good resource to understand what type of requests can be approved.

    Student Organization Registration Form this form must be filled, completed, and emailed to for organization registration

    Student Organization Budget Request Form (DOCX) this form must be completed to request money from Student Government for organization operations

    Student Event Planning Form To be filled out when reserving space on campus and/or Conference Services needs (i.e. catering, A/V, etc.)

    Student Organization Manual (PDF)

    Student Organization Policy (PDF) policy, rules, and regulations for all student organizations as it pertains to campus posting, event management, privileges, travel and more.

    Student Organization Travel Form  

  • Fraternity and Sorority Policy, Guidelines, and Forms

    Policy and Guidelines

    Chapter Event Guidelines (PDF) - Rules, regulations, and risk management procedures for the safety of our fraternities and sororities for chapter events. 
    Expansion Guidelines (PDF) - Rules and regulations for fraternity and sorority expansion/extension.  
    New Member Education and Intake Guidelines (PDF) - Rules and regulations of our new member education and programmatic initiatives which includes Capital University's Hazing Policy. 
    Relationship Policy (PDF) - Fraternity and Sorority Life’s governing policy; it is a definition of our social fraternities and sororities and guidelines that are abided for organization safety and recognition. 
    Standards of Excellence (PDF) - The Fraternity and Sorority Life Standards of Excellence document holds our fraternities and sororities accountable in values congruence and recognizes chapters' high achievement. The document has different areas of criteria, scoring and rubric, and is based on four categories which are Civic Engagement, Policy Compliance, Chapter Operations, and Membership. 

    Formal Event Form (DOC) - To be filled out by a fraternity and sorority for Formal and Semi-Formal social events.
    Fraternity and Sorority Recognition Agreement (PDF) - Due at the beginning of every semester, this form is an agreement that a fraternity and sorority will abide the rules, regulations, guidelines, and procedures from Capital University and an understand of its stance on hazing.
    Grade Release Form (PDF) - Must be signed, completed, and returned to the Office of Student and Community Engagement prior to committing or signing a bid of membership by each Potential New Member (PNM) interested in any social fraternity and sorority to ensure GPA requirements for recruitment/intake (per council and chapter) are met.
    Greek Report Application (XLSX) - To be filled out at the end of every semester, this form is to be completed for the Student and Community Engagement’s use of values alignment and data.
    Fraternity and Sorority Roster Template Form (XLSX) - This is the social fraternity and sorority roster template to be filled out and turned in by designated date(s).
    Standards of Excellence Report (DOC) - Due at its designated due date, this report is to be filled out and turned in electronically for Standards of Excellence evaluation. Additional documentation as stated in the document must be included.