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Summer Academic Programs
  • Capital University has a wide variety of summer courses designed for undergraduate students both from Capital University or those students that who wish to take summer courses and transfer those college credits to other colleges and universities.

    Summer Session

    Need to pick up some credits over the summer? Or want to get ahead in your program? Spend part of your summer taking courses. We recommend a 10-credit load, but if you want to take more (than 18), you’ll need to get your dean’s signature.  

    Summer session at Capital University offers an opportunity for both traditional undergraduates and adult learners to take a wide variety classes and earn credit during the summer. Most courses carry either three or four semester credit hours and many are transferable to other colleges and universities. 

    Summer Institute in Science & Mathematics

    Does the idea of studying organic chemistry and differential equations make your heart skip a beat? Can you think of nothing better than hanging out with other science and math geeks talking shop? 


    Our Summer Institute in Science and Mathematics is for you. Join students from across the country in an accelerated program that covers a full year of coursework in just eight weeks. Ready to apply? 


    Rigorous yet supportive, the Summer Institute is an exhilarating learning experience. No matter what college or university you attend during the year, this program is a smart, stimulating and efficient way to earn transferable math and science credits. 

    Summer Camps and Clinics 



    Summer Music Programs

    Capital's Conservatory of Music offers a wide range of Summer Music Programs for middle school and high school students to educators. Wind and percussion camp, vocal and theater workshops or train in the Kodály method — it’s here for you. 

    Creative Arts Programs 

    Do you see yourself as a young Spielberg, Nolan or Bigelow? Have you already written your acceptance speech for the Screen Actors Guild Awards? Maybe still photography, creating your own canvass with Photoshop, or writing or editing short films and commercials for YouTube, Vimeo or Vine are your forte. Capital’s Creative Arts Summer Programs offer the ideal environment for young artists to begin exploring  their world through the camera lens, written word, graphic arts and performance.  



    Want to learn from college coaches and interact with student-athletes? Visit and check out the sports camps at Capital University.    

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