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Theatre Studies Major
  • Theatre has always been a collaborative art. The playwright, the director, the designers, the technicians, the actors, and—finally—the audience all function together to create a work of theatre. The art involved in such work is obviously quite important. As part of the Department of Communication, we also value the communication which must take place between the various artists and the audience to create dynamic art. Shakespeare wrote that the purpose of theatre is to “hold a mirror up to nature.” What is reflected depends on the mirror and the angle at which it is held and viewed. The reflection might be comic or tragic. It might sing and dance, speak ancient truths, or sound as fresh and searing as last evening’s news. In any case, the theatre artist and audience must look in that mirror. We need to see what is reflected. Perhaps we will see…and learn about… ourselves.

    Theatre Studies Program

    Theatre at Capital is a co-curricular program. This means that the university offers both a variety of academic courses and an active production season. The Communication Major with a Theatre Studies emphasis and the Minor in Theatre are housed in the Department of Communication. Participation in the production season can lead to academic credit through our pre-professional activity program.

    Course requirements for all majors and minors can be found in our online course bulletin.  

    Theatre Activities at Capital

    Auditions and participation in theatre activities at Capital are open to the entire university community. We produce four main stage shows a season in the Cabaret Theater. There are other opportunities as well. Students might be involved in a musical or an opera produced by the Conservatory of Music. They might go to Performance Festivals in other states and work with students from other schools or participate in a Reader’s Theatre Program or join the Fat Tuesday Debutantes—our Improvisational Comedy group. They might design the scenery for a main stage production or direct a play as a class project. Any student involved in our production program can earn academic credit through the pre-professional activity program. Work-study positions (for those who qualify) are also available for students involved in the technical and managerial aspects of our season. We sponsor a chapter of Alpha Psi Omega, the National Theatre Honorary.

    Cabaret Theater

    The Cabaret Theater, home to The Capital University Theatre, is a modified black box space located in the basement of the Harry C. Moores Campus Center. With flexible seating and staging (thrust, arena, proscenium, and environmental), the theater is capable of seating up to 120 a performance. The theater is equipped with a scene shop, a control booth, and a production design office. These facilities combine to provide students, faculty, and the Capital community the opportunity to collaborate on a variety of theatrical productions including musicals, Shakespeare, contemporary drama, and premieres of original works.


    Despite what you may have heard, it is possible to get a job and make a living in theatre. This does not necessarily mean Broadway or Hollywood. There are other possibilities. A sample of what some of our students have done upon graduation:

    • Stage managed for opera companies
    • Served as Director of Education for Columbus Children’s Theatre
    • Toured with Madcap Puppet Theatre
    • Served as a Graduate Assistant while pursuing Masters Degree in Theatre
    • Opened in a musical on Broadway
    • Published plays
    • Worked as a Scene Shop foreman
    • Worked with Schell Scenic Studio