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TOEFL Scores
  • English Language Proficiency Testing

    Capital University requires students to demonstrate English proficiency before admission to many of its programs. This chart shows the minimum requirements for the Test of English as a Foreign Language and the International English Language Testing System exams.


    English Language Proficiency Testing Requirements
    Program  TOEFL (paper)  TOEFL (Internet)  IELTS 
    ESL TOEFL & IELTS are not required for ESL (Conditional admission is available for most undergraduate majors)
    Reading Subscore
    Listening Subscore
    R - 50
    L - 50
    R - 15
    L - 15 
    R - 6.0
    L - 5.5
    Graduate Nursing
    Graduate Music
    Paralegal Program
    550 80 6.5
    All Law Programs
    Accelerated Nursing
    600 100 7.5

    • ESL students do not need a TOEFL score for admission. The ESL Program administers the institutional (paper-based) TOEFL to enrolled students at the end of fall-2, spring-2, and summer terms.
    • Undergraduate students with a TOEFL score between 500 and 550 (or equivalent) will be evaluated for writing proficiency and may be required to take appropriate courses.
    • Students from English speaking countries must demonstrate a minimum 470 in the SAT critical reading section and a combined score of 860 or higher from the math and critical reading sections. The code number for Capital University is 1099.
    • Official TOEFL Score Reports are required for admission to the undergraduate and graduate programs and may be ordered from ETS. The code number for Capital University is 1099.