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  • Meet the Capital University student tour guides.

    Emily Roberts.  


    Hometown: Cuyahoga Fall/Akron, OH
    Major(s): Nursing
    Goals: To travel/go on a Cru Summer Mission and to be an Oncology Nurse.
    When I'm not on a tour: Golf, Run, and Travel.
    My strengths are…: Conscientious, helping others better themselves, strong faith.
    Favorite Capital Memory: Orientation weekend getting to walk through the gate with all my classmates.
    College Advice: While searching keep a wide open mind and look for the intimacy that the campus has to offer.



    Hometown: Lancaster, OH
    Major(s): Art Therapy and Psychology (Studio Art minor)
    Goals: I want to travel to as many countries as I can! I also plan on getting my PhD in Developmental Psychology.
    When I'm not on a tour: I love to do photography and go horseback riding. I also love to go hiking and you can always find me with my nose in a good book.
    My strengths are…: I'm a very patient person and helping people is my favorite thing to do. I'm also not afraid to go out of my comfort zone. Trying new things has never been scary to me which has been really beneficial!
    Favorite Capital Memory: Lip Sync is by far my favorite event! It's always a blast get see all of your peers up on stage (or being on stage yourself!). It's hilarious and the pictures and videos are the best to look back on. I also love to sit at the fountains at night. Nothing better than winding down with your roommates and friends after a long day of classes.
    College Advice: Don't be afraid to try something new! Get involved, talk to new people, do something outside of your comfort zone!



    Hometown: China
    Major(s): Psychology and Public Relations
    When I'm not on a tour: Read Harry Potter, cook, play piano and hike.
    My strengths are…: effectively communicating and problem solving.
    Favorite Capital Memory: My favorite spot is the library. especially during exam weeks, you know you are not the only one struggling because everyone you know is there.
    College Advice: find what feels like home yet still encourages you to step out of your comfort zone.



    Hometown: Hilliard, Ohio
    Major(s): Instrumental Music Education
    Goals: Become a music educator (I would be happy with any age group), buy some dogs, visit Australia, pet a giraffe, and change the world!
    When I'm not on a tour: Craft! I love making things that I find on Pinterest... but they never turn out the way they should! Oh well!
    My strengths are…: centered around interacting with people! I am a total "people-person", and can honestly strike up a conversation with anyone. I also like to think that I am a great motivator! If anyone is ever having a bad day, or is feeling like they can't do something, I am always there to cheer them up, and push them to their full potential!
    Favorite Capital Memory: Holi Fest! During Back To Cap Week, AMP put on a Holi Fest, which was an activity where everyone was dressed in white, and we threw colored powder on each other! It took a while to clean up, but it was one of the best things I have ever done on campus!
    College Advice: You'll know when it's right. You might have a lot of options, and you may not be sure of which one to choose, but when you get a "gut feeling", go with it. It'll be the right decision, and probably the best one you've made!



    Hometown: Zanesville OH
    Majors: Mathematics and Accounting
    Goals: Attend graduate school, Start my own company, live in Europe for awhile.
    When I'm not on a tour: Play soccer, travel, serve in the community.
    Strengths: Helping other people achieve their goals through supporting them.
    Favorite Capital Memory: Making new friends as a first year student in the residence halls and joining a fraternity.
    College Advice: College is a place where you will mature as an adult. Find a community of students and professors at a school where you think will shape you into the person you want to become.



    Hometown: Mentor, Ohio
    Majors: Public Relations, B.A. Music
    Goals: My dream job and one life goal, in all honestly, is to work in the PR/Communication Department somewhere for the Walt Disney Company. I also would love to see myself as a professional coffee connoisseur and owning a number of cats.
    When I'm not on a tour: I'm all about adventure! Anything from trying a new coffee shop to museums and parks.
    My strengths are: I'm outgoing and personable! My goal when having a conversation with someone is to find a common bond!
    Favorite Capital Memory: Going with the Capital University Chapel Choir on a tour through NYC and singing at Carnegie Hall!
    College Advice: Don't be afraid to try new things. Join organizations, be involved on campus. You'd be surprised at what you might discover is a passion of yours!