Transferring College Credit

  • Transcript Review

    Once you're accepted, we will review the official college transcripts for course equivalency. You will receive a copy of the degree audit which will list the General Education Courses that transfer along with a list of all courses that transfer. A faculty advisor will determine how the courses apply to the degree, so you should contact the Admission office to schedule a meeting with a faculty advisor to find out how your major classes transfer and how long it will take to complete your degree.

    About Transfer Credits

    • Capital will award college credit for all courses successfully completed at a regionally accredited college or university, except for developmental level courses.
    • The department chair/academic advisor for the program in which you enroll must approve the acceptance of these credits toward a degree program.
    • To receive a major from Capital University you must complete 12 semester hours in the major in residence at Capital University. No student may be awarded a major by a department or college unless core requirements of the college in which that major is located are met.


    Please make sure you are selecting the appropriate guide. You may need to use both the Quarter and Semester guides if you took classes both before and after Summer 2012.


  • In this section..

    • Malone University -  Download 
      Marion Technical College - (Semester) (Quarter)
      Marion Technical College -  Departmental List 
      Miami University -  Download  
      Mt. Vernon Nazarene University -  Download 
      North Central State College -  Download 
      Ohio University - (Semester) (Quarter)
      Otterbein University - (Semester) (Quarter)
      Owens Community College -  (Semester)
      Sinclair Community College - (Semester) (Quarter)
      Sinclair Community College -  (Semester) (Quarter
      Southern State Community College -  (SEMESTER
      Stark State College -  (Semester)
      University of Akron - Download 
      University of Rio Grande - Download
      University of Toledo - Download 
      Wittenberg University - Download
      Wright State University - (Semester) (Quarter)
      Zane State College - (Semester) (Quarter)
      Zane State College - Departmental List (Semester) (quarter)  

      Transfer Equivalency Guides

      • This is only a partial list of colleges/universities from which Capital accepts credits. We also accept credit from many other colleges including most public and private colleges/universities that are accredited by a national accrediting agency.
      • If a school is not listed and is accredited by a national accrediting agency Capital will accept the transfer credit.
      • The free Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the documents below.
      • Contact the Admission office at 614-236-6101 or the Registrar's Office at 614-236-6150 if you have any questions regarding transfer of college credit.