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Tuition and Fees
  • Tuition for Undergraduate Programs (2014-2015)


    • $31,990 for full-time undergraduate students (12-18 hours) 
    • $1066 per credit hour for part-time enrollment (1-11 hours) 
    • $1066 per credit hour overload charge (hours over 18) 

    A $50 Student Activity Fee is added to all traditional undergraduate tuition each semester.
    A $50 Health and wellness fee is added to all full-time students each semester.
  • Tuition for Other Capital Programs (2014-2015)


    • Adult and Continuing Education: $435*
    • Master's Program in Music Education: $430* 
    • Master's Program in Business Administration: $560* 
    • Master's Program in Nursing: $490*
    • C-NAP Nursing Program: $480 per credit hour 
    • Summer School 2014 and Summer Science Institute 2014: $435* 
    • Law School: $1,185 per credit hour  
    • 2013 Summer Nursing Clinical: $4,400**

    *Per semester hour
    **Includes a $920 fee

  • Tuition for English as a Second Language (2014-2015)

    Fall 2014 and later (16-week semesters): 

    Tuition is $300 per credit hour. Tuition for each 5-credit course is $1,500.
    A full-time student takes 4 courses, for a total of $6,000 for the 16-week semester. 

    Students who need an I-20 must submit financial documentation for the length of their study. For example, students planning to study ESL one year would need to show $24,560, which includes the following:
    • Tuition - $12,000 (2 semesters) 
    • Estimated living expenses (Room & Board) - $9,060 
    • Estimated books, insurance, supplies - $3,500 

    There is no tuition deposit or pre-payment required for ESL students before classes begin. However, payment is due the first week of the semester. A late fee is assessed for students who pay late.

  • Room and Board Fees for 2014-2015

    • Double (shared) room and 225-meal plan is $4,530 per semester or $9,060 a year 
    • Single room and 225-meal plan is $5,095 per semester or $10,190 a year 
    • Cap Commons Apartment (4-person occupancy) is $4,020 per year for each resident or $16,080 per apartment a year 
    • College Avenue Residence Hall suite-style double (shared) room and 225-meal plan is $5,225 per semester or $10,450 a year 
    • College Avenue Residence Hall suite-style single room and 225-meal plan is $5,765 per semester or $11,530 a year 
    • Capital University Apartments (3 students per apartment) is $6,870 for 9 months and $8,710 for 12 months (billed per student per term) 
    • Summer School housing is $140 per week 


    Meal plan changes can be made online through the Office of Residential and Commuter Life.

  • Academic Program Fees

    • 2014-2015 Conservatory of Music $1,480** 
    • 2014-2015 Nursing (Junior) $1,200
    • 2014-2015 Nursing (Senior) $1,180 

    Other Expenses

    • Books, supplies, transportation, personal expenses* $3,650-$3,900/year 
    • Private music lessons for non-music majors $890-$2,370/year 
    • Student Activity Fee for Traditional Undergraduate Students $50 per semester (fall and spring)
    • Health and Wellness Fee for all students 12 credit hour or above. $50 per semester (Fall and Spring)

    *These are not fees charged by Capital University.
    **Required of all Conservatory of Music students.