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    Undergraduate Research

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  •  Put Yourself Ahead 

    Examine the copper toxicity of fish in Ohio lakes and rivers … travel to the Bahamas to study oceanography … explore the interaction of music and physics in the natural world …
    We know that getting involved in original research as an undergraduate can put you light-years ahead of the competition when it comes to graduate school. That’s why you’ll find opportunities for undergraduate projects in just about every field or major we offer.

    Do Something New

    In high school it often seems you spend all your time learning about what others have done. But at Capital University, we encourage you to conduct new research that adds to the world’s knowledge in valuable ways. We’re talking about work that’s never been done before. Through papers and even presentations at local, regional and national conferences, you’ll share your findings with members of the scientific community and add to the body of work that advances the field into the future.

    How Does Capital Do It?

    • One-On-One Faculty Mentorships – Your faculty mentors will work with you step-by-step as you define your study, collect the data and summarize your findings and conclusions.
    • Industry Mentorships – Take advantage of Capital’s location in Columbus – home to many industry leaders – and our strong network of research opportunities throughout the community, including the Great Lakes Environmental Center and the Ohio Supercomputer Center.
    • Field Research – Get out there and get involved, studying topics like the effects of coal-burning power plants on trees in Central Ohio or coral reef ecology in Cozumel, Mexico.

    Present Your Findings

    Our students regularly present at regional and national academic meetings, including the National Conference on Undergraduate Research, the American Psychological Society or the Midwest Regional Fish & Wildlife Conference. Capital even presents its own annual Undergraduate Symposium on Scholarship each year to highlight students’ research accomplishments. We also highlight the empirical research conducted by Capital University students in Epistimi: Capital University’s Undergraduate Research Journal.