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University Values
  • Capital University Values

    Promoting Excellence in Teaching and Learning

    Combining Liberal and Professional Studies

    Creating a Constructive Community

    Emphasizing Both Scholarship and Teaching

    Continuing our Lutheran Heritage



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    We are centered on teaching and learning.

    Our Lutheran tradition is rooted in the idea of free inquiry — that when an open dialogue exists, greater truths are easier to come by. This remains the core of who we are today. We embrace free inquiry as a tool to educate every part of the individual— intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical. It’s of this rigorous process that independent critical thinkers are born. And it’s what inspires students to pursue knowledge throughout their lives, well after graduation and beyond the scope of their professions.

    We have built a constructive community.

    As important as the tenet of free inquiry is acceptance of a wide diversity of opinions and backgrounds. It’s critical that we are not only open to divergent viewpoints, but celebrate them. This structure is what enables expression and, ultimately, a fuller education.


    Capital University inspires individuals
    to be morally reflective, spiritually alive, and civically engaged in learning, teaching
    and doing.


    Service is central: close to home and the world over.

    Capital alumni have undertaken a vast diversity of vocations. In part, it’s what a changing world requires. But we’re proud to graduate citizens who are models of the change they wish to see in the world — ready to engage with both local and far-off communities to find solutions to persistent problems.