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Planning Your Visit

     You’ve seen our website. You scheduled your visit. Now it’s time to prepare for your trip to Capital.

    Don’t Miss Out

    Here are a few must-dos to keep in mind while you plan your visit:

    • Schedule a visit with a faculty member and sit in on a class to get a real sense of what makes a Capital learning experience different. Looking at the pretty buildings without exploring the classes inside is like buying a car without taking it for a test drive.
    • Take the time to talk to your student tour guide or other students taking the tour with you. You’re sure to pick up good ideas, and finding out what other prospective students are thinking can often help you make your decision, too.
    • Spend some time getting to know Bexley.  Down the tree-lined Main Street, we have award-winning pizza parlors, well-known ice cream shops, restaurants and coffee houses. As one of Columbus' most historic neighborhoods you will feel right at home with grocery stores, banks, salons and a pharmacy within walking distance.