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Visiting Scholar Program
  • You don’t have to be enrolled in a degree program to take part in our community of learning. Students and professors from foreign universities can also come to Capital as visiting scholars who:

    • Observe or co-teach classes at Capital
    • Conduct seminars
    • Do research
    • Take ESL courses

    Guidelines for Visiting Scholars

    Initial Contact (or how we hear of a possible visiting scholar)

    • Schools (abroad or in the United States through consortia agreements with schools abroad) may request our acceptance of a visiting scholar for a term or a full academic year (Tanzania and Kumamoto, Japan are examples of this through our connection with ELCA schools)
    • An individual from the campus may initiate the invitation for a scholar to come to lecture and do research (the law school has done this in a summer program for a number of years)
    • A scholar from abroad, who has received funding, may request to come to a particular school (rational should be stated by the scholar)

    Procedure to Follow

    1. The person who receives such a request must meet with the appropriate chair of the department in which the scholar would be housed to determine the feasibility of such a visit and the parameters of the scholar's role while on campus
    2. Secure the approval of the appropriate Dean and the Vice-President of Academic Affairs
    3. Meet with the International Office staff concerning visas and any other immigration regulations
    4. Follow the Visiting Scholar Check List (PDF) to insure that all of the necessary issues have been addressed before the arrival of the scholar
    5. Prepare a letter of agreement clearly stating the terms of the experience noting specifically the financial arrangements, responsibilities of the scholar and of the school

    Download the checklist for visiting scholars (PDF)

    Items Which Must be Covered and Included in Any Agreement

    • Source of funding - amount and what it covers such as living expenses, telephone, bus fare, travel, professional conference fees, etc.
    • Expectation of scholar as to research facilities and needs, desire to present lectures, conduct seminars, observe classes, participate in ESL classes, etc.
    • Clarity on financial issues, i.e., will the scholar be paid a stipend for such participation or is that service given in exchange for use of library/research facilities, class observation and/or English class participation
    • Designation of one person to be "responsible" for scholar's arrangements (traveling/living/participation on campus, liaison to the sponsoring agency if needed and monitoring of the scholar's experience while at Capital University)