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  • Who is eligible for a voicemail account?

    Voicemail services are available to current faculty and staff only. Voicemail accounts are created and distributed on a first-come basis.

    How do I request a new voicemail account?

    Submit a request for a voicemail account through FootPrints. Include your campus telephone extension, building, and room number.

    What are my voicemail options?

    There are two types of voicemail accounts.

    Private: This means you have your own telephone extension and no one else shares the telephone line with you. Your mailbox number will usually be the same as your telephone extension.

    Shared: This means you and several other employees share one telephone extension (ex: adjunct office). Your mailbox number will be different from your telephone extension.

    How long does it take to get an account?

    It usually takes 3 to 5 days to set up the account, depending on the time of the semester. IT will contact you once your account has been created and you will be responsible for setting up and maintaining your own voicemail account.

    How do I set up and access my voicemail?

    Start by downloading Instructions for setting up your new voicemail account (PDF).


    Refer to the voicemail instruction booklet (PDF) for quick fixes. If you need additional help, contact the IT service desk via e-mail: servicedesk@capital.edu or telephone: 614-236-6508 for assistance.