• Office 5
WebAdvisor for Faculty
  • Using WebAdvisor

    WebAdvisor is a secured web interface to the University's administrative database. Your affiliation with the University determines which component of WebAdvisor is available to you. 

    • Prospective students can gain access to specific college information. 
    • Current students can register for courses, check final grades or view transcripts and financial aid award information.
    • Faculty can access class rosters, grading and advisee information.  
    • Staff can view their W-2 or pay advice information.

     If you are not familiar with WebAdvisor, you can download the WebAdvisor instructions document (PDF).

    Retention Alert

    When a student is at-risk of leaving the University for various reasons, faculty can notify retention office personnel through Retention Alert. You can access Retention Alert through WebAdvisor. Contact Brad Pulcini at or 614-236-6694 if you have questions.  Online documentation is also available (PDF).