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Majors & Careers

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    Choosing a Major

    It’s time to begin exploring your interests, skills and values and to discover the majors and careers that fit you best.

    What Can I do with a Major in...?

    Information linking majors to occupational areas and employers can be found on these sites:
    What Can I Do With A Major In…? – UNC

    An additional list of major-to-career information can be found in JobStar Central.

    Changing (or Adding) a Major

    Already decided on a new direction?  All you need now is the paperwork.
    Instructions for Changing Your Major, Minor or Advisor

    Making an appointment

    Sometimes coming in to talk about it can help you connect the majors to your interests, skills and values. Whether you want to check out all your options, or want to make a more immediate decision, you can make an appointment by calling 614-236.6606 or emailing